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All certification applications are broken down into sections. You will be guided through each section of information in a wizard format. Pressing the "Continue" button at the end of each section will save the information entered. There is also a menu on the left, which allows the user to “jump” to any section. All sections allow you to suspend the application to return to complete it at a later time. This is accomplished by pressing the “Suspend Application” button. To clear your entries on the page, press the “Reset Form” button.

Required questions are noted with an asterisk. Questions that do not apply to your firm should be left blank. If a data entry error is found; an error is displayed at the top of the page in red. All errors must be corrected before you can advance to the next section by pressing the “Continue” button. 

The side menu provides additional instructions on the online certification process as well as application specific data entry help. These instructions can be viewed or printed from any section of the online certification process.

After all sections are completed, you will be presented with a confirmation page(s), creating a report showing all entries. If you need to make a correction, select the section by using the menu selections on the left. Once all entries are correct, you must print the confirmation report and click the “Confirm Application” button. This completes the online certification process. The remaining steps include printing and signing the confirmation report, supplying all necessary supporting documentation and a notarized affidavit to the Small Business Development Division. These instructions will be available to the user upon completion of the online certification process.

 You may apply for multiple certifications

County Business Enterprise (CBE) Certification. The intent of the County Business Enterprise (CBE) is to increase the participation by small businesses in County projects as both prime contractors and subcontractors. Certification as a County Business Enterprise (CBE) allows your business to participate in County contracts with CBE participation goals. The firm must meet several criteria: Each owner must have a personal net worth that does not exceed $750,000.00 (excluding the value of the primary residence and interest in the business for which certification is sought); has an office located in Broward County, meaning that it has a current Broward County Business Tax Receipt, a physical business address (not a post office box) located within the geographical limits of Broward County in an area zoned for the conduct of such business, and has sufficient full-time employees in Broward County to perform the contracted work. The firm must be an independent firm and the firm’s annual maximum gross receipts, averaged over the previous three (3) years shall not exceed five (5) million dollars ($5,000,000.00). You may be considered for both the County Business Enterprise (CBE) and the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification by completing the CBE certification application and checking the “yes” button in the Section called “Business Information” under item “E” of the CBE application.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certification. For the purpose of implementing the Broward County Local Small Business Program, a small business is one that meets small business size standards as follows: for professional consultants, annual gross sales averaged over the previous three years shall not exceed $500,000; for firms in contractual services and commodities, annual gross sales averaged over the previous three year period shall not exceed $1,000,000; for firms in construction, annual gross sales averaged over the previous three years shall not exceed $3,000,000. Each business shall be an independently owned and operated business, and employ twenty-five (25) or fewer permanent full-time employees. Per the Local Preference ordinance (No. 2002-19, section 1-74 c), in order to satisfy the local business requirement, the vendor must have a valid Broward County Business Tax Receipt at least one year prior to bid or proposal opening to do business in Broward County that authorizes the business to provide the goods, services or construction to be purchased and a physical business address located within the limits of Broward County, in an area zoned for the conduct of such business, from which the vendor operates or performs business on a day-to-day basis that constitute a substantial component of the goods or services being offered to Broward County. Post Office Boxes are not verifiable and shall not be used for the purpose of establishing said physical address. In order to be eligible for the local preference, the vendor must provide a copy of the business tax receipt(s) for the covered period prior to recommendation for award.


 All required questions must be answered and the requested documents submitted. The signatures of the owner(s) applying for certification must be notarized. Failure to follow these instructions may delay the processing of the application.

Your application information is secured through the industry standard encryption protocol - Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

The Office of Economic and Small Business Development Division’s Online Certification is unavailable. It is currently under reconstruction. You can obtain an application for CBE and/or SBE certification online at our website:broward.org/smallbusiness Under Applications, at the bottom of the home page, simple click on the “New! Combined CBE/SBE”. Should you have questions or require technical assistance in completing your application, please contact the Small Business Development Division at (954) 357-6400.
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